About me


I'm an Electrical Engineer who's a lifetime project builder - Modified cars, bikes, love my snowboarding, wakeboarding and skating, and also a massive nerd when it comes to PC Builds, gaming, and a little Cosplay!

I was frustrated with trying to find reliable information on the internet for building better projects, I've wasted countless time and money on the wrong products or services. Buying stuff that looks good but doesn't fit well, or doesn't work, or just isn't right for the project application.

I was tired of the challenge of finding the right information when Building projects and quickly learned...so was everyone else...so my CoFounder Des and I decided to make a Social Platform dedicated to the Build life.

I've spent my professional career in heavy industry (Manufacturing, Construction, and Asset Management) in both Techincal and Management roles on multibillion-dollar projects and have found one of the greatest assets to a successful project is having the right information and great communication - getting that key information to the people that need it - when they need it. I recently completed my Masters of Business Administration in 2020 to add to my existing qualifications of Electrical Engineering degree (2010) and Information Technology Diploma (2003) and decided to launch Buildz.pro to tackle a problem that I'm passionate about solving!

Here's some photos of my passion projects over the years

Super Drift Australia 2007 - Eastern Creek Rd (Street/Drift Nissan S13 Onevia)

Circa 2008-2009 Drift Trains - back when we used to have Street Registered drift cars and would drive from Newcastle, NSW to Oran Park Raceway (~2hour drive). We would drive down with a carload full of spare wheels/tires, drift all day, back home and needed to be driving the same cars to work come Monday morning.

(Totally should have bought the real pics at the time lol)

Gaming and hobbies

PC Gaming

Warhammer Collection (all painted by me)

And of course the family

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