1. Scan the Smart Tag with your Mobile NFC reader

  2. Open the Buildz.pro App (or Web Browser)

    1. On the Link Screen you can:

    2. Choose which build the Smart Tag is linked to

    3. Choose a nickname to help you identify the Smart Tag (like Windscreen or Keyring)

    4. Make sure the Smart Tag is "Active"

  3. Click "Link"

You're all done! That Smart Tag now belongs to you!

Quick video of the process


You can quickly turn OFF or ON all your Smart Devices with this button from the top menu.

When the Smart Tags are OFF - They will direct the scanning phone to the Buildz.pro home page.

You can still see all the scanning logs for your Smart Tags even if they are OFF.

You can come back to the Smart Devices menu at any time and see your logs and control your Smart Tags

Smart Tags in account

Smart Tag logs

Click the Geolocation link to open in Google Maps

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