The platform allows you to search for very specific information and Builds made by other users. You can use a combination of keyword search and filters to find others build down to minute details like never before!

For instance - you might be planning a Build and looking for all Builds in the Automotive Category running Toyota 1, 1.5, 2JZ-GTE engines.

But that's a little too broad, after all you've got a Nissan... Maybe you want to put God's Motor in God's Vehicle (Haha I couldn't help myself), so let's look for the Nissans that match that filter.

Great! But now we're after what Builds are running big power in their Toyota JZ powered Nissans. So let's play with the slider for power and see what we have.

Great! you can follow the owners directly from the search page and get updates on these Builds on your Newsfeed. You can also click on the Build cards from the search and check out all the details about the Builds for your Build or just your own curiosity!

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