We wanted a new way for people to find others that are building similar enthusiast projects. The platform's goal is for people to connect and share their information and stories, and the triumphs and challenges involved with an enthusiast build.

Here's a rundown on our starting features.

Link to our content platform https://buildz.pro/

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The Build

The build profile is the core concept of the platform and comes with configurable blocks such as:



-Build List (Modification List)

-Activity Feed (for posts and discussions)


Start collecting all the great enthusiast Builds you see in real life! You can start to level up Builds that you've seen before!

Powerful Search

Looking for something in particular?

The platform is specifically designed without any public or private groups or silos of information. We wanted all of the information that people choose to share with others to be available for everyone.

For example, are you looking for builds that have a particular Toyota Engine such as a 2JZ-GTE in a Nissan 350z? What supporting mods do they have and what challenges am I in for if I do this myself?

The goal is to grow a large community and still have it feel like a small tribe because you can discuss very specific topics with the right people on the platform - without needing to join a handful of groups to ask the same question 10 times over.


Stay up-to-date on all the people or Builds that you follow or discover new and exciting projects and ideas in the Newsfeed.

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