Our Smart Tags are seemly basic products but are actually embedded with electronic devices that run a software program that works with our Buildz.pro Mobile App and content platform.

Link to our content platform https://buildz.pro/

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The device can be scanned with NFC technology on any modern Android or Apple iPhone. Just tap with a compatible unlocked phone on the home screen and you'll be directed to the Buildz.pro profile for that build!

The owner can control the smart device actions via their Buildz.pro Mobile App to remotely show their build or show the normal Buildz.pro landing page.

System Requirements:

iPhone Xs, Xr, 11, 12: iOS11 or later required.

iPhone 7, 8, X: iOS14 or later required.

Android: Almost all Androids since 2016. Bluebite has written some very helpful articles on a list of Android NFC Compatible Phones and Android NFC Guide.

The NFC symbol is highlighted below on our smart products:

You can see them on our Smart Product Range:

Starter Pack

Smart Sticker

Smart Keyring

Smart Badge

Here's a short demo of the Tags in action

Remote Control

You can remotely turn ON or OFF the Smart Tags from the Mobile App or online platform.

All at once:

Or individually

We're adding features to our content platform and Mobile App all the time! Check out our feedback portal to let us know what features you'd like to see!



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